Exotic Birds

Exotic birds 🐦 are very eye-catching; their intense colors increase their demand as pets.
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What are exotic birds? 🐦

When we say exotic birds or parrots, we usually refer to species from tropical jungles in America, Africa, or Australia. However, there are also other species that have been “created” by humans.

Their main characteristic is that they are really very colorful, attractive, and eye-catching, which is why their demand as pets is ever-increasing. Even today, there are more than 1,000 species that are listed as endangered. Is it time to start becoming aware to preserve these types of birds?

Types of Exotic Birds

From Africa:

From the Amazon:

From Australia:

These are just a few of the many striking birds that exist and live around the world. Later we will see some images of these beauties of nature, images that will be worth every second of your time.

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Did you know…?
There is a group of exotic birds called ornamental birds. This group includes those that we can even find in the park or even in our backyard, such as ostriches, swans, geese, ducks, and even peacocks.[/box]

Where do these birds live?

As mentioned before, they are found in the tropical jungles of America, Africa, and Australia. But let’s go further: where can I see these tropical birds? If we go to Venezuela, we can find the Troupial, Cardinal, Harpy Eagle, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, and more.

Let’s head to one of the countries with the greatest variety of such wildlife, Brazil, which has approximately 1825 species and covers 60% of all South America. Here we can find rheas, tinamous, screamers, curassows, New World quails, grebes, albatrosses, toucans, among others.

Are there more? Yes, a lot more. We can go to Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Australia, where we can see more beautiful tropical birds, each with a species that characterizes it and also attracts tourism to their country. The plethora of these beautiful animals does not end. While it’s true that many species are threatened, this does not diminish the immense variety encompassed by these species.

Exotic Birds as Pets

The beauty of these birds has made them increasingly in demand. Thanks to this, there are species that are endangered, but it’s not all bad. In fact, there are some that could not survive in the wild, such as canaries.

Where to Buy Exotic Birds?

You might encounter someone who traffics in these birds, so if you wish to acquire one, head to an authorized establishment or verify that the person selling it to you is qualified to do so.

The most common birds to have as pets might include parakeets, canaries, zebra finches, cockatiels, cockatoos, goldfinches, parrots, lovebirds, among others. It is advisable that if you decide to adopt or buy one, find it a mate (of the opposite sex) as generally, some (if female) may become aggressive towards each other, and if males, they may fight for territory over time.

Keep their cage very clean, preferably in an area where there is good lighting but not direct sunlight, unless of course, it is a cage with a respective roof that covers half of said home.

Their diet will vary depending on the species; they can eat millet, oats, sunflower seeds, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and fresh greens. Research more about your animal to give it better food.

[box type=”warning”] Do not make the mistake of giving just anything you have on hand to these marvelous birds. Sometimes people might give them chocolate, foods containing salt, garlic, onions, stems, leaves, and seeds of tomatoes, and even avocado. This is wrong! Check what you can and cannot give to your bird! Although they are tropical, their diet is very varied, but that’s what the internet or books are for.[/box]

Photos of Exotic Birds

Coloring Images of Birds

For all ages, children, teenagers, and adults look for the most attractive pictures to frame, print, or simply use as entertainment for painting. The variety of colors will make your artwork one of the most striking. Do you want to try? Here we show you some ideas:

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