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Learn about the Pyrenean brown bear: its habitat, characteristics, diet, reproduction, and much more. Help us protect it!
Discover in detail the characteristics, habitat, and diet of the fascinating Horned Viper. Learn more about this unique snake!
Discover the reasons behind the alarming conservation status of the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Learn how you can contribute!
The "Axolotl" is an amphibian belonging to the salamanders, with a smiling appearance, plume-like gills, tail, and legs.
Goliath spiders are striking for their large size, strong, hairy legs, and dark colors, considered the largest spider in the world.
To eliminate mites from mattresses or beds, one of the effective methods involves increasing the ventilation of the house, and reducing...
The lion is a carnivorous mammal, a member of the felid family like the tiger, jaguar, or leopard. Learn more about lions
Birds, reptiles, mammals, some amphibians, and even the human body can be an ideal host for a tick to feed on
"Plankton" is a community that brings together an unimaginable and varied amount of multicolored animals and plants of incredible shapes.
By the seashore, or buried in sandy and muddy bottoms of rivers and lakes, clams are found, which are part of the mollusks
Oysters are famous for their ability to create a wonder of nature within their bodies, the pearl!
Marine worms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with striking colors, ranging from warning signals to iridescent
Whether submerged in water or in damp places on land, it's possible to find some of the 695 living species of "salamanders."
It is a marine invertebrate animal (it does not have bones), belonging to the mollusks. What does it eat? How does it reproduce? How does it breathe?...
"Shrimp" is a small marine or freshwater aquatic animal belonging to a group of decapod crustaceans called "Caridea."
"Corals" is a term referring to tiny animals that live in the sea and form the "coral reef" together with algae (zooxanthellae).
"Hydra" is a genus of cnidarians consisting of small animals with a cylindrical body, retractable tentacles, and an adhesive base or disc.
Among the animals that inhabit the soil, a very well-known one is often found: "the earthworm", a worm classified as an "annelid"
The macaw is a bird of the order "Psittaciformes", recognized for its beak and beautiful feathers with a variety of bright colors.
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